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AIA Insurance

AIA Insurance was founded in 1969 to administer health and life insurance programs for members of client farm associations.  AIA has had a 35-year plus relationship with wheat grower associations, and with the soy, peanut, and corn associations since the early 1990's.  The combined membership of the associations results in the mass purchasing power of a large group.  Coverage that could otherwise be prohibitively priced for an individual member becomes affordable through this group plan.

AIA has a full service staff and captive agency system to market and service the growers group health and life programs.


Even as AIA has expanded, its focus has remained on the founder's strategy of providing superior, often customized, products for members of participating associations.  AIA recognized early on that association members required plans and services tailored to their specific needs.


AIA Insurance is committed to developing and distributing new products and services to promote independent choice and financial security for our sponsoring associations and their members.


AIA Insurance, acting in the best interests of its association partners, selects insurance carriers based on strict criteria of product quality, underwriting practices, claims paying ability, and financial solvency.  AIA then negotiates with the selected carriers to bring high quality products at affordable prices, to the members of its participating associations.

Association members will be able to purchase their health and life insurance products from AIA in the following states:

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